The First Time, the first book signing, the first time together.....

Last week was memorable. The Sequoia Zoo offered us an opportunity to launch our book with a book signing at a private members only event. It was SO MUCH FUN!!!! Everyone should do this just once. The joy of having people come up and love the book, buy the book, buy the coloring book. We felt so honored, proud and happy.

The Zoo is also selling the books in their gift shop after the event. But you know what? Pictures are worth a thousand words.

The Zoo gave us some cute props.....E'Lyssa ended up buying several!

Our first book signing together - Sequoia Park Zoo "Book Release Party"

And the otters came out to play too!

Santa came by to congratulate us

The Zoo's Gift Shop has our book and coloring book for sale now

And my favorite - here's my husband Gary reading the book while he waits for the signing to be completed.



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