Lions, Tigers & Bears! Oh My!!!

Okay, no tigers. But lions and bears, oh yes! We have a mountain lion, aka puma, aka cougar lurking on the beach in hopes of eating a sea lion in book two. Yes, they really do! And we have spotted one at the Inn on our beach. (Actually it was a guest. Believe me, he hot-footed it up the trail as fast as he could!)

Bears - oh my! They love our garbage cans. So why not have one big old black bear who loves the Inn's garbage as a main character? And believe me, he saves the day in Book Two.

I need a name for this marvelous bear. He's huge. He's shy. He doesn't want to get sent back into the mountains like he has been before so he hides a lot at Patrick's Point State Park (.....that is when he isn't rooting around in our garbage can)

I'm asking for names. Whoever reads this blog and has an idea, please email it to I promise we'll write back. And if it is chosen, we'll give you a signed copy of our new book, "The Panther Wars."

Happy New Year to all!



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