Book Two, "The Panther Wars" (working title)

If you read book one, you'll see the first chapter of "The Panther Wars." It's been in my head for years and I'm just starting to put it on paper. I know the characters, I know what happens, I have an editor if I want, and I might even have a writer's group which I can join to help me on the journey to publishing. It's kind of scary to think I could write anything like the first book (sequels in movies are so often just not as good as the first). But then there are so many writers that do a great job of writing books two and three. I look at Tolkien or Steven King's Dark Tower and I remember just wanting to get my hands on the next book in the series. I go. E'Lyssa is already preparing to illustrate using some of the new characters. So far, my favorite is Grizzle the Bear. What a funny creature he is turning out to be!


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