And now I'm a guest lecturer? And book stores are selling out???

If you read our latest news on the Home Page, you'll note that Guia is heading to Crescent City to be a guest lecturer for a class taught by Billie Furuichi. And of all things, she wants me to talk about websites! Me, the technology illiterate one. Actually, when I prepared my outline I was surprised at how much I had learned. Mostly from mistakes.

On top of that, two bookstores and one gift shop sent checks and one has actually sold out of our books. Amazing. It's February. I thought the buying season was over. Guess not!

Regardless of being asked to be a guest lecturer and having bookstores contact us, I still remain humbled by the marketing experience. Self-published books really are hard to market in the big world out there.

I think the only way to self publish is with the belief that you have something important to say, and you just want to get that message out there. And you really can't care if you make a lot of money - or not.



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