Amidst a Pandemic Sales Continue

This has been an amazing and surreal year for all of us. In the world actually! And here in our tiny town by the river where the otters live it is no different. They are the only thing that is still the same, it seems. Although they have been traveling farther than usual. At the beginning of the Pandemic when everyone was safely in their houses the otters moved about quite freely. We saw them here and also all the way down to the beach at the mouth of the river. They've recently been seen on the boat docks there: mother and three young ones.

But I'm sure they'll move back up river as we are heading into boating season. Many tourists are now here and I think they are quite shy. In the meantime, we have a lovely little mink that has taken up residence here.

And we sold out of books here in town. Maybe people are looking to read more, and color more, because both of these items sold out. It has prompted me to check on our other locations to see what is happening. In this time of uncertainty it was welcome news.

So stay safe everyone, and we'll find you on the other side of this chaotic season.


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