Driven from their river home by a great flood, Little Otter and her parents venture into the ocean at the suggestion of her grandmother, the revered storyteller named “Storymother.” They find the perfect home in Abalone Cove, yet the fierce Sea Lion King who lives there with his colony threatens to cast them back into the great ocean to be food for orca whales and sharks.


Mortimer, a cat, shows Little Otter what might be a perfect place to live on the bluffs above the cove. Will the gardens of a quaint bed and breakfast inn become their new home, or will the creatures there drive them out, too? And in the end, will Little Otter attain the one thing she seeks more than anything else in the world? 

Tales for the Sea Lion King, with its stories within a story and themes of home and family, will delight and entertain middle grade readers as well as younger children who enjoy being read to. 

Praise for TALES for the SEA LION KING

In a charming coming-of-age story, Little Otter hopes to be brave enough to win a very special name. With the guidance of her beloved grandmother story teller, Little Otter through a series of delightful and even scary adventures, saves her parents and finds a wonderful home for them. Here’s a special beautifully visual book with family values to please young readers of all ages.


~ Rita Lakin, author of The Only Woman in the Room

A new children’s illustration star has been discovered. For the first time appearing in Tales for the Sea Lion King, illustrations by E’Lyssa Zuer bring to life the family fun adventures of the Otter family. Detailed pen & ink illustrations give a large variety of creatures from Abalone Cove their personalities, from the Otter family to the haughty Sea Lion King, Spooky Too the Cat, Mundy the Dolphin, and many more . You won’t even want to miss the tantalizing chapter heading illustrations! 

~ Michele Lee, Michaelson Entertainment

Little Otter’s journey will remind you that those who love you unconditionally will always hold a place for you, that risk is inevitable, and that stories are sacred and to be revered as items of value. It will enhance pre-school and elementary science curriculum.

~ Jen Nail, author of Next to Mexico and One Hundred Spaghetti Strings



Gentle, kind, decent, loving—these are the qualities that come forth in the adventures of Little Otter as she faces adversity and fulfills her destiny. If you are a child or have a child who’s had their fill of edginess, whose spirit is receptive to innocence and wonder, this is the story to light up their sweetest dreams. I recommend it highly.

~ David Greenberg, author of a dozen picture books and the award-winning novel, A Tugging String.


Tales for the Sea Lion King was perfect for summer reading. It is perfect for my age because my friends and I love animals, and I especially love ocean animals and the ocean. It is a long book, so I don’t think that it is for kids that can’t read chapter books. Unless their parents read it to them. I hope Guia writes another book!

~Calista, aged 11


It only took me a couple of days to read this book. It was fun to read, especially since it was about animals, which my sister and I both like a lot.  Some of my friends probably wouldn’t read it because they read a lot of romance novels, but I read mostly everything. I felt like the characters were real while I was reading it.

~London, aged 13 


Little Otter, or Lady Abalone as she is now known, is spending a happy afternoon in the gardens at the Inn with her new friends when a frantic seagull lands in their midst. He screeches that Sydney, the sea lion pup, has begged him to fly up the bluff and find her and shares the frightening news that her little brother and sister have narrowly escaped the jaws of a mountain lion. But, in their escape, they have vanished into the deep forest at the far end of the bluffs overlooking Abalone Cove with the mountain lion in close pursuit.


With her parents on an extended trip to spend time with her grandmother, the great “Storymother,” in their former river home, Lady Abalone must turn to her new friends for help.  So, a small group lead by King Darg the raccoon, Moby the white fluffy dog, PeeDeePu the skunk, cats Bosco and Spooky Too and Annie, the old Jack Russell Terrier who lives next door venture into the dark and forbidding forest to find the young otters.

Somewhere in here are her little brother and sister—and a mountain lion. Will they reach the young otters in time to save them? Can they defend themselves against such a giant and ferocious beast? And, ultimately, will the old black bear, Grizzle, who lives there, decide to help them?


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